Hy, I decided to make a Pixel Art tutorial for all who want to learn to create a basic 2D vehicle.
I made an Tank called The Rock and I want to share my skills with everybody
I want to say this is my first Pixel Art. So I have really limited skills.
In this image I used Adobe Photoshop and Wacom Graphire3 (A6 size).

So lets start with tutorial:

1. Draw an image on piece of paper and scan it.

2. Make an small canvas, think about size of object (I used 85x85)
Remember: You can allways resize your canvas.

3. Insert image and resize it. Go to Blending options and in Blend If: Rollout try to delete most of background with diferent options.
I used Blend if: Green and Gray, because i had Green background.

4. Highten contrast level and reduce level of opacity (Alpha). And zoom in a little bit for easier painting.

5. Make a new layer and start "tracing" object image with pencil. I recommend to use 1px lines (Look at image 5a).

6. Now it's time to colorize. Take a Pencil tool or a Bucket tool (Anti-Aliased should be OFF).

7. If you want to make object more realistic you should shade it. I used Burn and Dodge tool, but this is only one tehnique of shading.

8. Make more images and collect them in animation.

A tip: Allways save image in GIF or PNG format, because JPG format cause loss of quality. GIF format can save to 255 colors, PNG
format can more than 255 colors. Difference is in the size(kb) of image.