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..I like spicy food...

..hot a..FIRE LIKE a..lot..

- The light of a day I´ve first seen in a form of a 100W ; Btw, invention of certain Th.A.Edison way ago, since I was concieved than born at night in August 1959 & I live in Slovenia (EU) on the Adriatic sea coast between Triest-Italy & Istrian penn.-Croatia ; single again (being a solitary type of guy [a "loner" actually] & my ex-"wife" I was living with her, did not like it anymore, since I was not a perfect partner for her & she also not for me)..

- I finished TL 12y of education, (high school-prep for economics) but first was at home repairing electronic stuff for living (remember that times with solid made products that could be repaired against these days "throw away after use" products?) and later I was working as a financial inspector for few years & than became a musician-entertainer for 15 years (10y professionally) & I had to Quit doing it actively because of acute "carpal tunnel syndrome" problem with both my hands than fixed with surgery. More later occasionally I was involved as a sound mixer-man for some local bands & lately, I´m again "in business" around with some local vocal quartet !

Me On Concert years ago ... Yeah, that time starting professionally I was younger with more hair on my head (I am taller than it looks here) & playing a bass guitar than, few months later I bought a new one & also a fret-less one ; speaker cabinets (not seen) mostly were made by my own hands & the sound was nice & LOUD ! (even louder rockin´ two years later finishing with more than 2x 1kW TRUE RMS powered equipment).

- I was fiddling with electronics, acoustics & other different technologies time to time (& later also with computers a bit) for 30y & bought my first own PC in ´97 & started to mess with it actively after a deadly heart attack I had before the age of 39, but fortunately survived it by a miracle; well it made me "a bit" disabled /still having some problems & lately diagnosed diabetes , sh*t ! /; so being quite unemployable I have still some financial difficulties relying on quite poor social welfare mostly & small optional side earnings. But on the other side, I have more free time available. .

Yep, this is my spot ... Here is where I spend quite a lot of time especially during 2 hot summer (ups, 3 -global warming!) & 2-3 cold winter months ... (yes I know I have to lose weight & get into shape, I am trying ...) & listening my favorite bands from 70´s (especially Uriah Heep, Birmingham UK I think), but bye the years passing, my taste for music softened quite a bit!

Last years after my "re-birth" I changed quite radically my life philosophy ... I like animals, especially I liked my 12 years life period beloved ex-companion © Timmie (the female, after a brief fatal illness in May 2k4 V passed away Cat) who liked to spend time with me (even laying on my knees while I was spending time on the Net/Usenet ; I still miss her very very much [even if some neighbor cats visit me occasionally]; there was a "very special" & unusual kind of relationship previous times between us two ...) ... I like to read allot about technical stuff, listen music from including sixties-2-eighties & following mostly TV documentaries on Discovery Channel or so, or spending time with my friends ..in the mean time, thinking about "enhancing" stuff .. or seeing sometimes movie clips like this one: Funny Cats (2,8Mb DL) or this one: HandSex (1,9Mb DL) .. rather than to be depressed!


Spajky (pron. Spy_Key) is just my nick I got it decades ago and very rare of my friends even these days know now my real name !

. . . take care ! ...



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