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  probe temps just jump? - this (adding Caps) is needed if wanting to make prolonge of therm.probe wires to avoid disturbances (undesired temp oscillations) at readings ..
- COMPuter .
. . . . . . . . . . . related
how Really Hot Cpu is? - The CpuDiode temperatures revealing "Gadget" Article (now also a list of part values available if wanting to try it!)
  problems with Noise? - this is how to reduce fans Rpm and so reduce PC noise & still have their readings w/o putting MoBo fan header/connector in danger ... (fan stuff Part I).
fan stuff - Part II .. My fans schematics ; also few other related circuitry ideas there ...
  fan stuff - Part III ... RPM sensing w/o 3rd wire? Yesss...; & also , finding out Rpm with just one "wire" or even w/o it ...
- RADIO related listening Analog Wireless Phones? ...this is only an input part of MY version of SuperSensitive RadioReceiver .. .. acticle coming later ... some day ..
- AUDIO related audio Peak meter ... "flickering" LEDs on your computer? ... Yup, an old audio Peak level meter mounted into my free 5,25 PC bay
  Altec_Lansing VS4121 PC_Speakers ... "for music listening, better sound modification on Altec Lansing VS4121 - 2.1 PC speakers - 667kB D/L zipped file
- Other projects : Automotive stuff ... ... problematic Car alternator is sometimes charging car battery too much? Here is a temporary ! ´crazy´ easy fix ...


... but there is much more stuff coming sooner or later and I even did not make all schematics yet ! ....

... & many, many ... ... a Real TREASURE ! ... ... A bunch of different Electronic circuit schematics !!! (links for hobbyists) to check ... ( found recently)