MyTheMachineMachine setup:OC-d

- Enlight_ATX Desktop Case-EN7200 + Enlight 250W Th.control.fan PSU (6-9V) (inside labeled 235w!) [time ago replaced with refurbished & modded 2-fan generic 300W one Psu] & a good surge protector ...


- MSI MS6163pro (ver.2.0) Slot1 BX board + small fan on Northbridge "greenie" + 2x gen.128MbPC133

(MoBo review http://www.active-hardware.com/english/reviews/mainboard/ms-6163-rev2.htm)

. . . time ago after close lightning HIT developed a "bulged & leaking caps" syndrome ... already fixed . . .

- Tuallie 1.0A@1,35G Cpu on modded cheap generic SuperSlotket-III AirCooled-5V_fan@defaultVcore

( Runing Tuallies on Older Motherboards : info & other links here @ Lunch Box´s site)

(this puppy did it w_1,80Vcore 160MHz Fsb! with a loud fan on some my friends setup (1,6GHz); the HS & IHS were both lapped! But I do NOT wanna have a "vacum cleaner" infront of me or fiddle with WaterCooling & spending any more money on this setup, trying to push it till the Edge! For my type of use it is enough fast & quiet!) Other parts:

- videocard nVidia Riva128zx 8Mb Agp2x set to be a 1,8x (but 89Mhz-Agp) & OC-ed from 94/94 to 120/120MHz, here is HOW I did it ; Creative SB AudioPCI 128; Diamond SupraExpress 56i Pro V CC modem; QuantumF+ AS 20G HD. There is also: a

- CD-Rom, FD drive , Zip drive & LED mono Audio Peak meter (homebrew) in 5.25 bay. Scanner & Laser Printer is also here & surely a 17" CRT monitor too (Nec CromaClear Tube) trashed & replaced with Samsung_DFx one; keyboard & Logitech ps2 wheel mouse also.And yes, my Chicony keyboard is also "enhanced" with additional electronics that automatically presses Esc during boot not to count memory (Bios ver.3.3 does not allow me to completelly disable Mem count@boot-faster boot, but is stablest one); that feature allows me also to Lock Win desktop! (pics & rest follows later about this under Electronics section)

Modifications on case & other parts for better cooling & AirFlow, were made basicly before July 2000 to make the setup quiet with slightly positive air pressure inside to prevent dust accumulation; the first Cpu in this case was Celly (mendocino) 400@600@defaultVcore, which used to be also an excelent sample-with better cooling (much louder fan) could do 672MHz, but a year later I "accidentally killed" it ..- fiddling arround with soldering iron...

- For OS I momentary use Win98seLiTE (http://www.litepc.com), well tweaked & enhanced with some files from other MS "semi-Products" to make it fast & stable & a bit fancier than original.(Btw, did you know that Win9x kernel "natively" supports Cpu SoftCooling (Intel HLT instruction-like NT fam.), but MS "forgot" to supply us (at least for Intel CPUs) with 2 reg.entries & a missing *.vxd file) ...MyDeskTop looks like this (137kb):
The machine inside looks like follows: (3 more pages with comments & more than 20 slides)