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C400inHS CpuCoolerColdPlate CpuDiodePrepSlotket
My ex-Celly400 had also inner polished HS glued ; glued also a polished ColdPlate to existing polished HSF (I did not forget also to put some ArcticSilverII paste in-between where needed & sealed with some automotive sealant few weeks later after that combo was heated to approx.60°C to prevent further long time sublimation of the paste; this I do also for around Cpu core & HS contact*-see end note; the cooling setup °C/W measurement & calculation on different fan speed, verified also by this On Line Calculator , gave me the values for this HS around 0,45 figure, 0,4-0,5 for 12 to 5V running fan!). The 3rd slide shows mounted connector for the Cpu on-Die diode & I also cut traces for it (upper of bar code sticker) near Slot connection on the back of a Slotket.
Modded Slotket

- This is how I make a mod to a slotket w/o breaking CPU pins! But there is an also isolating some 2 additional pins mod available to lower a bit CPU temp (here not shown!), thanks to Cemal Gurel´s idea , but I recently switched back to "original" mod!
. . . About case AirFlow thermal design : ideas can be found here in this (1,7Mb DL) Pdf document - very useful info ! PC Power Consumptions

Damn, what is this 1. a brick ? Nope ...


. . . . 2. starship Enterprise? Nope ! ...

a brick ?
Enterprise ?
. . . capt.Piccard has left the building ...........................
    . . . 3. a Hover-Craft model ?

No, it´s my self-made UHDS&CE ®

..( "Ultimate Hard disk Silencer & Cooling Enclousure" )..
... ..
hoovercraft ?
filterOff !
RGB Video Filter! -click!
if removed, noticeably improves the sharpness of a screen picture ......
  Removing it on nVidia based video cards, especially on older ones like mine, makes a monitor picture sharper! But there is a small drawback: because of not perfectly matched impedance anymore between card-cable-monitor, there could be some multiple (white) picture "ghosting" on the screen like in my case happened, but can be seen only if carefully examining right side of a text characters on white pattern, normally it is not noticeable if not having 1st class monitor! It would be better if I only changed that Smd capacitors & inductors for half their values rather than removing/shorting them, so the filter would have an octave higher cutoff frequency w/o impedance change & still enough sharp picture on the screen ...apologies for both blurry photos ...
click!The PAD   F1 Ferrari - "The PAD " ... I made for my mouse my own custom made Mouse Pad ... ...

click! fanFix   ... & fixing case & other fans alternative way ... ...
Article finally here! :-))   . . . ... my refurbished & modded, practically silent PSU ...

Note : "lapping" a Cpu & HS till mirror finish can sometimes be contraproductive, the therm.paste if too "liquid" like cheap generic silicon ones for ordinary electronics (looks like transparent or white vaseline), can become a "fugitive" & after few months there where it should be is no more! I started using that mentioned sealant after being running my older Cpu with an oil cushing between HS & Cpu body to act like a temp.amortizer for few months & having problems with an oil leakages (yes, the Cpu with its upper pin contacts & cores HeatSpreader-incorporated copper ColdPlate [C400ppga] was actually submerged in sewing machine lubrificant type oil ! The problem with "fugitive" therm.paste is mostly not present with more dense ones which also stick better on the surface applied to.