ACOUSTIC INSPIRATION - Karma-fied Sound Set for Korg M3

32 high quality karma-fied combis for Korg M3, fully programmed with KARMA®. Wide variety of unique styles, not represented in factory set or other 3rd party sets. Acoustic piano and guitar ballads, 8 beat, 6/8 ballads, 3/4 waltzes, rock/progressive, jazz, funk, blues, hiphop, blues, unplugged, bossa, movie...

REVIEWS from actual users

Please check posts and reviews from actual users on Korg Forums and Karma Lab. Please post your opinion or development suggestions on the forums. THANKS!


DEMO walkthrough

  • Quick demo of some of the combis. KARMA sounds only, without lead instruments.

full KARMA modules and scenes

Each of the combis uses all 4 KARMA modules and is carefully programmed with 8 different scenes, simple to complex, to provide wide variety within a combi.

full realtime control

Fully programmed realtime controls: 8 sliders, 8 switches, joystick, ribbon, XY Pad, 8 Realtime knobs /sliders and 2 switches. Complete Master Layer provides full realtime control and endless possibilities.

32 high quality combis in a PCG file which can be directly loaded into your M3. User's Manual with tips how to play is included. Need more info? Please ask.