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Some songs I made...
(with some help from my friends):

playSong For You

playBlues Mood


playTake it


playNew Try

playNo Place Like Home


playTa je bosa

playBabe's Doll


I'm into making music almost whole my life. My first serious thing was with my first band Kitart. After a while things changed a little so we started another called Bluzon. We are still somewhat active. Nowadays we are playing together just for the fun of it, I would say. Lately, I am mainly a solo home recording hobbiest dedicated to jazz/blues and rock guitar music. Of coarse, sometimes I get a little help from my friends... I started recording music in the Atari (Falcon) days, then moved to ADAT. Now I`m back on the computer again, (PC). Back then, recording with computers was a real struggle. On the other hand, I learned a lot. Today, with all the plugs and gadgets, things have changed a great deal. For the better I might add. So, with a little bit of knowledge, quite decent productions can arise right out of the bedroom studio. The basement , in my case. Anyway, you can check out "my" productions if you like. Just click onto the "Music links", and off you go...

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