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In chapter 1, I share the Absolute #1 secret behind success with women that extremely few people know and why most men are unsuccessful. And no, it is not confidence.

8 things women look for in a man. and I show you exactly how to give get laid it to them.

Have women pick you up - Several little techniques that will have women you don't even know calling you for a date Honest !!

In get laid chapter 5, I explain what NOT to do in the company of women.

In get laid addition, you get five other books and bonuses from our continually growing resource library. Books on Hooking Up Online?, 14 different chapters in one book called, Talking Sex With Susie?, one of my co-authors. Lots of provocative stuff here such as A better Male Orgasm?, The Juicy Facts? and twelve other chapters along the same lines, and All from a woman's perspective. Then there is the get laid book on NLP (Neuro-linguistics programming) Confidence With Women? written by famed NLP expert Marco Cepeda exclusively for us and available nowhere else. This is the same kind of techniques Tony Robbins is using, but you are getting it free as a bonus. The skills you learn from get laid can also be used in everyday life.

There's more, just click on the get laid left-hand column books for more details. There is everything in here that anyone needs to know about approaching, talking to, dating and seducing women, and then some. Call them secrets, techniques, or whatever, they will work wonders for you! get laid is all what you need!

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