Osy - Norwegian Forest Cat


Welcome to my homepage!

My name is OSY, at least everbody is calling me that. In my papers is written my full name: IC S* Istindra Oceanus V.

I’m a Norwegian Forest Cat (NFO) - Norsk Skogkat - and at this moment me and Kara (lovely NFO babe who happens to have same owners as I) are the only registered representatives of NFO’s in Slovenia.

I was born in Sweden and being lovely and very beautiful as I’m it was not difficult for me to attract attention of my owner. She fall in love with me at the very moment when she saw my picture on the internet. It took three flights from Ljubljana, Slovenia (via Frankfurt and Stockholm) to Sundsbruk, Sweden. Well, here I am, living on the sunny side of the Alps.

I hope you’ll enjoy my homepage.



To contact us:

E-mail: info@osy-nfo.com

OSY, Suhadolčanova 85, SI-1231 Ljubljana, Slovenia