Osy - Norwegian Forest Cat

About Osy

E-mail: info@osy-nfo.com

OSY, Suhadolčanova 85, SI-1231 Ljubljana, Slovenia

I was born on 7th November 2005 in Sundsbruk, Sweden.

I’m one of the kittens from Litter 5, NFO a 22, blue blotched tabby and named Oceanus V.

My pedigree. Otherwise judges admire my eyes, ears, coat, strong bone structure, long and bushy tail ...

I’m living in Ljubljana, Slovenia with a young couple. Both of them are in marketing/PR business and they’ve decided to help me with homepage.


I’m still a bit clumsy with a keyboard—I prefer chasing mice and nice female cats :) - but somehow I managed to put a few words about me on the net.

By the way: I adore tuna …


And if there is a female NFO, who would like to meet me, do not hesitate to contact me at any time on my e-mail.

You can also meet me at cat shows: I’ve already been in Kraljevica (CRO), Križevci (CRO), Celje (SI), Graz (A) and Vienna (A).

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