Osy - Norwegian Forest Cat


I’ve been deported to “grandma”. People I’m living with went to some tropical island on their honeymoon.

They’ll be sunbathing and I have to stay in a cold winter in Slovenia.

What an interesting  life I have ...

I wonder what I had in mind to tell you … uppsss. Food? Did anyone mentioned food?!? Sorry, I’m hungry … I’ve to go now to grab some snacks.

Latest NEWS

Date: 28. Januar 2007

Time: 23:44


Well, almost nothing special. I got my 1st and 2nd CAGCIB …and BIV :o)). BUT my folk got a contact from an Austrian lady who has a nice NFO girl at home. She (NFO girl of course) might be interesting to mate with me. Well, will see.

20. December 2006

9., 10. December 2006 — Vienna CAGCIB 1 & 2 and BIV

17. November 2006

I’ve read a few e-mails and heard some phone calls: I’m going to mate :)

Oh my boy … :) ;) :) … Itti arrived!!! She is such a beautiful  NFO babe. Nice, black coat, shiny eyes … uuuuuhaaaaaaa. So .. I better start making kittens :)

16. January 2007 — Itti arrived!!!

Come and see me “live” at Ljubljana International Cat Show.

29. January 2007

I saw females!

I knew that this is going to happen. Itti had to go back home :(

But we had a great time and I hope that we are going to have a lot of beautiful kittens! Look at her! Itty is a great NFO :)

I feel so … mucho macho … hehehehehehe.

20. January 2007 — Itti went home

Making kittens :)Happy 2007!
Cat Show 
in Ljubljana