Skogkatt International

British club for the NFC, including also a link to the Norwegian Forest Cat database.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Good description of the breed— NFO, Skogkatt, Wegie ...

Osy - Norwegian Forest Cat

Istindra - my home “litter”

I grew up in a big family with lot of wonderful cats. You can check how many there are and I have two brothers Hypnos (living now in Italy) and Typhon (living now in Norway) and a sister Selena (stayed at home). And as you know I needed three flights to come to Ljubljana :o).

Osy’s links

NFO cattery fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin

My future “wife” Kara has been born in this cattery. She has come to Ljubljana in November 2007 :)

Zveza felinoloških društev Slovenije

Union of Slovenian Feline Associations. National organization.

Felinološko društvo Ljubljana

Feline association of the Slovenian capital Ljubljana.

Slovenia — heart of Europe

Slovenia knows how to charm visitors with its originality and beauty. If you experience it, you will not forget it.


The FIFe is a federation of national members representing forty two different organizations in forty countries. These member organizations have chosen to follow the same rules with regard to the breed standards, cattery names, shows, judges and student judges.

To contact us:


OSY, Suhadolčanova 85, SI-1231 Ljubljana, Slovenia